Technology for Rescue, Response, Recovery and Resilience

Data Driven and Digital Solutions for Disasters

Landscape Analysis and Solution Mapping

We scan and analyze global and local data driven and tech solutions in partnership with Frontier Technology Radar for Disaster Risk Reduction (FTR4DRR)

Identify Needs of Field Organizations

We work together with the field organizations in disaster contexts to identify their data driven and digital solutions needs and formulate their software development requests.


We engage volunteer software designers, architects and user experience and user interface designers for digital solutions.

Custom Solutions Development

We develop the most appropriate solution for your need according to your needs and the agreed solution design.

About Us

Facilitating the coordination and operations of NGO’s and volunteer organizations active in post disaster relief and recovery, by creating technology-based solutions.

Our mission is to offer the power of technology for a quick and efficient disaster relief. We team up with tech companies, startups, and volunteer developers to support non-profit organizations and volunteer groups focused on disaster recovery. What we do:

  • Create user-friendly tech tools for field organizations to manage inventory, coordinate with other groups, organize volunteer logistics, map affected areas, share best practices, and offer emotional support.
  • Keep stakeholders engaged through events like hackathons, where developers, startups, and other key players collaborate to address disaster relief challenges.
  • Store information and code for tech-based solutions in a centralized database, so we can act fast and effectively when disasters strike.

By tapping into the skills of volunteer developers and the broader tech industry, we can improve disaster relief efforts. Tech4R harnesses innovation and teamwork to make a real difference in post-disaster recovery. We believe that combining expertise, technology, and volunteer spirit can lead to better coordination, aid distribution, and service delivery during and after disasters.

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Client Organizations



Partner Organizations

Tech4R is committed to enhancing disaster relief efforts by offering a comprehensive range of technology-focused services.

Our approach is centered around three key areas:

  • Software Planning & Design
  • Software Development & Management, and
  • Ecosystem Facilitation.

By assessing the needs of relief organizations, we create tailored software solutions that empower them to operate more efficiently. Our dedicated team manages the entire software development lifecycle, ensuring each project's success. Through community engagement, strategic partnerships, and knowledge sharing, we cultivate a vibrant ecosystem that fosters collaboration and innovation in disaster relief. Together, we're making a meaningful difference in post-disaster recovery efforts, streamlining aid distribution, and improving the lives of those affected by disasters.

Technologies that we use and can help with


Welcome to the Tech4R Ecosystem, a vibrant network of volunteer software developers, tech companies, startups, NGOs, and disaster relief organizations. Together, we collaborate to create innovative technology solutions that enhance disaster response. Our ecosystem fosters idea exchange, resource sharing, and expertise, enabling us to tackle challenges and make a lasting impact. Discover the power of our collaborative ecosystem and how Tech4R drives change in disaster relief.

Tech volunteers played a vital role in Turkey's earthquake response, leveraging social media and collaborating with local and international companies like Trendyol, Getir, Google, Amazon and SpaceX to expedite search and rescue efforts, reunite families, and accelerate recovery through data-driven digital solutions.

Volunteer Software Developers

The technology sector and start-ups sprang into action. Teaming up with tech volunteers, they supplied vital infrastructure, cloud computing resources, and essential data like satellite imagery. By offering solutions such as Person Finder and partnering with rescue teams, they showcased the profound impact digital innovation can have on crisis management, recovery, and resilience.

Tech companies & Startups

Digital tools and data-driven solutions were the differentiating factors between NGOs' and field organizations' impact after Turkey's earthquake. These game-changers optimized humanitarian aid delivery and emphasized the importance of seamless coordination through communication platforms, showcasing digital technologies' vital role in crisis response capabilities.

NGOs and Field Organizations

Academia is very much needed in contributing research and data analysis to inform decision-making. Their expertise can help develop effective strategies, illustrating the importance of academic knowledge in shaping disaster management and fostering resilience.


Governments and international organizations can enable and actively promote data-driven digital solutions in disaster scenarios. By facilitating data sharing, supporting technology development, and fostering collaboration among stakeholders, they can enable effective decision-making and accelerate recovery.

Governments and International Organizations


Tech4R is dedicated to improving disaster relief efforts through a comprehensive range of technology-focused services. Our approach encompasses three key areas: Software Planning & Design, Software Development & Management, and Ecosystem Facilitation.

Software demand analysis

Identifying gaps and opportunities for improvement in disaster relief organizations' software requirements.

UX/UI design

Designing intuitive and accessible user interfaces that ensure ease of use for both field workers and volunteers

Software development

Building custom software solutions tailored to the unique needs of disaster relief organizations with an agile approach.

Software project management

Overseeing the entire software development lifecycle, from planning and execution to deployment and maintenance.


Organizing events that bring together developers, startups, and other stakeholders to collaborate on solving disaster relief challenges.

Partnership development

Facilitating collaborations with tech companies, startups, and other stakeholders to enhance the effectiveness of relief operations.

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Enhance Your Disaster Relief Efforts with the Power of Data and Technology.

Empower your field activities with tailored technology solutions from Tech4R. Share your software needs and transform your impact. Join our thriving ecosystem now.

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At Tech4R, we take pride in our diverse project portfolio that showcases our commitment to enhancing disaster relief efforts through innovative, data-driven technology solutions. Our projects span a wide range of services, including software planning & design, development & management, and ecosystem facilitation. By collaborating with NGOs and leveraging the expertise of our vibrant community, we create tailored solutions that streamline operations, improve coordination, and harness the power of data analysis and visualization in disaster relief initiatives. Explore our project portfolio to discover how Tech4R is making a meaningful difference in post-disaster recovery efforts and transforming the lives of those affected by disasters through data-driven innovation.

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Warehouse and Inventory Management for NGOs


NGO Field Coordination


Debris Removal Tracking


Providing digital skills to disaster victims


Logistical Needs of Volunteers


Mapping of Village Schools


Creating a digital memory by collecting lessons and good practices from the field


Virtual Earthquake Experience


Remote Telerehab Support


Founder and Supporter Network

Inverter Network

Change through infrastructure and trust


Creative leaders and teams. Driving impact


Bütünsel Yaşam Derneği


Strategic design and innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is digital transformation important for NGOs during a disaster?

    Solutions to the wide range of needs that arise in disasters need to be solved quickly. Different NGOs offer different services. There is a need for coordination and cooperation in many issues such as the correct match of aid with the needs of disaster victims and the mobilization of volunteers. The effective use of digital technologies by NGOs contributes to meeting these needs quickly.

  • Tech4R emerged with the inspiration we received from the Open Software Developers Network, which was quickly organized after the February 6 earthquakes and supported search and rescue teams. We thought that by joining corporate technology companies and start-ups to volunteer software developers, it would be possible to facilitate the operations and coordination of NGOs and voluntary organizations that actively work towards the needs that arise during and after the disaster with technology-based solutions. We prepared a request form to learn the needs of NGOs and started to conduct interviews.

    In our first meetings, technological solutions for NGOs on issues such as warehouse and inventory management of NGOs, coordination with other NGOs (who, where, what is doing), tracking where the rubble is dumped, meeting the logistical needs of volunteers, mapping village schools, creating a digital memory by collecting lessons and good practices from the field, virtual earthquake experience, providing remote psychosocial support, providing digital skills to disaster victims. we have determined that it can be offered.

  • At the moment, on the one hand, we are in the process of collecting requests from NGOs regarding their needs, and on the other hand, we are in the process of negotiating with stakeholders who can ensure that these needs are met. Through a website, we will reach out to more NGOs and stakeholders who will voluntarily match them, we will share all the information we collect.

    We are also considering organizing a Hackhaton with developers, startups and other stakeholders who can collect the needs and solve them.

  • With Tech4R, we will store technology-based solutions and solution owners that can be used in disasters that we will be informed about in the knowledge bank created within the scope of UNDP's DRR Tech Radar project and on our website. The next time we face a disaster, and unfortunately there seems to be no escaping it, we will be able to ensure that the solutions in the knowledge base are quickly activated and that the stakeholders who created them are mobilized.


Tech4R is a remote-first organization, placing a strong emphasis on our online presence and virtual collaboration. By prioritizing remote work and asynchronous digital communication, we strive to maintain a flexible and agile structure that allows us to efficiently serve our stakeholders and partners in the ever-evolving landscape of disaster relief efforts.


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